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Posted Nov 7, 2012 @ 1:37am

Innovation Partner Walt Geiger

The Walt Geiger Studios/Entech Creative Collaborative was fueled by coffee. Well not literally but maybe figuratively at least. For several years, on any given Friday, Walt Geiger, AIA/Artist would arrive at the Entech Creative Industries shops to meet with John Marhoefer and members of his Entech team, sit in the company’s break room, drink coffee and share ideas about innovation in art, engineering, science, industrial design, education and entertainment, to name a few topics.

Many times, the Friday sessions included strolling around the Entech Creative fabrication plant, looking at what was being built and how. Frequently, this activity led to thoughts of “what if”?  As things progressed ideas were selected for product development.

For example, on one occasion ride vehicles for a major theme park were being fabricated.  Part of the work called for integration of a commercially produced composite material. Entech was testing the panels for use in the ride cars. Naturally inquisitive, Geiger noticed that the core material could be formed into non-planar shapes.  Always the architect looking for new building options, Walt challenged the group to discover whether shapes formed in this manner could achieve structural integrity.  If it proved possible and cost effective, then there would be broad applicability in rendering organic, non-linear architectural forms.  Furthermore, those would be architectural forms in which form and function were tightly integrated.

That particular example resulted in the Art Shelters, the first 100% composite civic structures approved by the local Building Department.  (see EntechCreative.com/shelters) There has been considerable interest in these art forms and the technology behind them.  The Walt Geiger Studios/Entech Creative Collaborative has plans to introduce additional and bolder structures in art and architecture. At the same time, they continue the development of several other innovative project ideas.

For more information about the Art Shelter project and to read the whole story, visit EntechCreative.com/shelters.


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