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    Opening Soon – New Zipline

    All of us are excited that the New Heavenly Flyer Zipline will be opening this ski season! Engineered and fabricated by the team at Entech Creative, this nearly mile long zipline attraction is sure to set the standard for ziplines in North America. Installation Video 1 Installation Video 2

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    Active Cathodic Protection and Water Parks

    Why does steel corrode, particularly at water parks? An Entech senior engineer reviews why steel corrodes and the scientific principle behind Active Cathodic Protection.  Active Cathodic Protection is a method of protecting a structural or otherwise valuable piece of base metal, usually iron/steel, from corrosion using an impressed current. While effective, the method does have limitations.

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    Zipline Safety

    Zipline Safety is important to everyone. When Vail Resorts needed someone to rebuild and certify their famous Heavenly Flyer zipline, they turned to Entech. With our proven and extensive engineering and fabrication expertise in safety critical thrill rides we were a perfect fit for an organization focused on both safety and guest experience. The newly revamped zipline experience reopens in 2013

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    On Galvanic Corrosion

    The prevention of galvanic corrosion is always a priority when an aluminum structure is installed in or near water. While aluminum is highly resistant to destructive oxidation in air, water, seawater, or acid, galvanic corrosion can occur when it is in electrical contact with other metals. An Entech Senior Engineer explains the conditions under which corrosion will occur and what mea



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