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    Todd Wendland – Certified Welding Inspector

    Recently Todd Wendland became an AWS QC1 level, certified welding inspector. Todd has been a welder with Entech Creative for 14 years and a certified welder for more than 30. That Todd received an American Welding Society certification as a welding inspector is further evidence of Todd’s lifelong commitment to self improvement and professional development As Entech’s in-house welding inspec

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    Zipline Safety

    Zipline Safety is important to everyone. When Vail Resorts needed someone to rebuild and certify their famous Heavenly Flyer zipline, they turned to Entech. With our proven and extensive engineering and fabrication expertise in safety critical thrill rides we were a perfect fit for an organization focused on both safety and guest experience. The newly revamped zipline experience reopens in 2013

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    Lost User Manuals: No More!

    Does this happen to you? You buy a new appliance or electronic device and it comes with a whole bunch of paper including the manual, warranty card, surveys, other offers and who knows what else.  By hook or by crook you get the device installed and working and carefully put the paperwork including the operations manual in a 'safe' place. And then, one sunny day long after, you realize you

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    The Re-invention of Entech Creative

    I was sitting in our break room on a Friday afternoon, about 6 PM in the late spring with an incredibly bright and creative friend of mine - Walt Geiger, one of our innovation partners in fact. We had recently completed our LYNX Art Form Bus Shelter project together and were discussing our upcoming initiatives. It was right then when Walt said something arresting, something simultaneously surp



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