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    Chevy Brand Icon

    Czarnowski, Chevy's ad agency, was planning something special for the LA Auto Show. They wanted an iconic multi-media Chevy brand with surrounds. Entech was up to the challenge and completed the engineering, fabrication and installation of the huge, yet portable brand elements! The Chevy brand is 40 feet wide and has a 60 foot surround on each side. That totals 160 feet of programmable multi-me

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    Engineered Customized Portable Structures

    This engineered customized portable structure was designed and fabricated to meet many needs. The engineered portable structure had to look like a white stucco house in the Greek Islands, it had to have the structural integrity portability requires, and the electrical systems a commercial kitchen requires. Entech Innovative was up for the challenge and ultimately reengineered the project to save

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    Advancements in the Applied Arts & Sciences, Part 11

    Museum Magazine November-December 2013 Here is another secret of the trade so to speak. Learning about the application of new materials improves our work.

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    Art of Animation – Retail Jars

    The Ink & Paint Shop, a themed merchandise store at the Art of Animation resort, showcases our display cases: the retail jars. In a rainbow of custom colors selected by Disney Imagineers, the 37 large jar shelving units line the store with 168 smaller jars piled on top. Constructed of composite and automotive paint, the jars were custom made to fit the room perfectly. The jars offer a truly in

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    Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki

    See the Wave in Action. When the Hard Rock Cafe in Waikiki wanted something special for their bar, something that would set it a part and enhance their customer's experience, they came to Entech Innovative. What they got not only gives their customers a great experience, it meets their needs too. The "Wave" is a custom multimedia artistic element. Programmable, the multimedia lights show can

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    Entech Innovative – PROJECTS & CAPABILITIES

    See an overview of the depth and breadth of Entech Innovative's projects.

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    Toys ‘R Us Times Square Ferris Wheel

    The 60 foot Ferris wheel is the centerpiece of the 100,000 square foot Toys ‘R Us Times Square flagship store in Times Square designed by the award winning entertainment retail design firm J. Newbold Associates.  The Ferris wheel, designed, engineered, and fabricated by Entech, features custom lighting effects and 14 custom gondolas, individually themed to represent many children’s favorite t

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    Never Grow Up: A Toys “R” Us Designer

    As soon as you walk into the new Toys “R” Us® store in Times Square, you notice the 60 foot Ferris wheel that sweeps through all four levels of the store. Entech Creative created and made the wheel and the individually themed gondolas.  The goal, to bring theater and drama to retailing, was met!

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    Toys “R” Us takes Manhattan

    The new Toys “R” Us store in Times Square is awarded retail store of the year. The store features a huge Ferris wheel with 14 individually themed cars created by Entech Creative.

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    Toys “R” Us Lights up Broadway

    A combination of old fashion thrills, technological innovations and design expertise proved a winning formula for Toys “R” Us. Their Times Square 110,000 sq ft store is their largest and features a themed Ferris wheel engineered and created by Entech Creative.



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