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    City of Wonders Traveling Exhibit

    Entech Innovative was commissioned by COSI to build City of Wonders, an interactive traveling exhibit that highlights the advantages of living in a city in Florida. Designed for young and old alike to enjoy, this low-cost, modular attraction features traditional Florida architecture and its history, allowing visitors to explore the various aspects of city life in the beautiful Sunshine State. A

  • featured
    Bernoulli’s Bench

    In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs at the same time as a decrease in fluid pressure. When applied to various types of fluid flow, it results in what is known as Bernoulli's equation. When the Witte Museum wanted an interactive exhibit that would help visitors grasp Bernoulli’s principle, they came to Entech Innovative. At Entech’s

  • Part 11  November-December 2013_featured
    Advancements in the Applied Arts & Sciences, Part 11

    Museum Magazine November-December 2013 Here is another secret of the trade so to speak. Learning about the application of new materials improves our work.

  • John w Erno Rubik copy
    Beyond Rubik’s Cube

    Last week CEO John Marhoefer went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey to meet with the Beyond Rubik’s Cube Exhibition Design Team for the Giant Working Rubik’s Cube development kick off.  During the meeting John got to meet Erno Rubik, the famous cube’s creator and listen to Professor Rubik develop thoughts on the work.  Entech Creative will design, engineer and fabricate the iconi

  • Part 10  September-October 2013_featured
    Advancements in the Applied Arts & Sciences, Part 10

    Museum Magazine September-October 2013 It takes time and effort to apply new technologies but the result is additional options.

  • museum cover july 2013 featured
    Advancements in the Applied Arts & Sciences, Part 9

    Museum Magazine July-August 2013. We, at Entech Creative are always attracted to technological innovation and it inspires the large scale, complex, engineered work we do.  

  • Entech-Creative-Industries-3
    Entech Innovative – PROJECTS & CAPABILITIES

    See an overview of the depth and breadth of Entech Innovative's projects.

  • Skyscraper_Crane-150x150
    Congratulations to Liberty Science Center!

    Entech would like to congratulate our client, Liberty Science Center, on winning a Thea Award for its Skyscraper! exhibition. Given by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), the Thea is a prestigious industry award that celebrates excellence in creating compelling themed entertainment and guest experiences. The largest exhibition on the subject in the world, Skyscraper! was designed to imm

  • New Crayola exhibit 12-21-02
    Crayola Factory’s Exhibit Wax Works Has Deen Drawing Crowds

    The Crayola Factory’s promotes hands on play by inviting visitors to dip wands into, up to 16 different colors of melted wax and then onto cardboard cutouts to create their own art. Entech Creative collaborated on the engineering and construction of the interactive exhibit.

  • A melting experience 12-20-01 use
    Crayola Wax Works exhibit at the Crayola Factory

    Entech Creative Industries created the Crayola Wax Works exhibit at the Crayola Factory, in Easton, PA. Through the interactive exhibits children learn how to have fun and make pictures with melted crayons.



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