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  • Diebold secures Hope Diamond's sparkle 11-97 USE
    Diebold Secures Hope Diamond

    The Hope Diamond, perhaps the world’s most famous gem, is now showcased in one of the most unique security display cases. Engineered by Entech Creative, the display case is both highly visible and highly secure.

  • Real jewel of a task 9-20-97-2 USE
    Hope Diamond: Real Jewel of a Task for Company

    Entech Creative created the special device that gives the Hope Diamond a secure future. Entech Creative designed and built the mechanism that lifts the priceless stone into place each morning, rotates it throughout the day and, if there is a security breach, pulls it into a special vault.

  • Museum gives Hope USE
    Museum’s New Gem Hall Gives Hope Diamond Dazzling Home

    The Hope Diamond got a new home! The new case includes a rotating table display mechanism and special lights to show off the diamond engineered and fabricated by Entech Creative and Diebold for the Smithsonian Institution.

  • dimond
    Hope Diamond

    Entech, together with the world famous Diebold Corporation, provided the Smithsonian Institution with the design, engineering and fabrication of the vitrine chest and mechanical security mechanism that permits the public maximum access to the Hope Diamond. The high-tech mechanism displays and protects the Hope Diamond, one of America’s national treasures, within the security chest that houses



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