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  • New Crayola exhibit 12-21-02
    Crayola Factory’s Exhibit Wax Works Has Deen Drawing Crowds

    The Crayola Factory’s promotes hands on play by inviting visitors to dip wands into, up to 16 different colors of melted wax and then onto cardboard cutouts to create their own art. Entech Creative collaborated on the engineering and construction of the interactive exhibit.

  • A melting experience 12-20-01 use
    Crayola Wax Works exhibit at the Crayola Factory

    Entech Creative Industries created the Crayola Wax Works exhibit at the Crayola Factory, in Easton, PA. Through the interactive exhibits children learn how to have fun and make pictures with melted crayons.

  • Crayola Factory has new way to color with wax 12-19-01 USE
    Crayola Wax Works

    Entech Creative created the Crayola Wax Works at The Crayola Factory. Participants explore painting techniques with 16 colors of melted crayon wax.

  • crayola factory plans new 12-6-01 USE
    Crayola Factory Plans New Crayon Exhibit

    Entech Creative created an exhibit at the Crayola Factory that allows visitors to make works of art from melted crayons. This exhibit will appeal to young and old visitors alike.

  • 7524022234_4269441f82_z
    Crayola Wax Works

    To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Crayola, Entech Creative was retained to design the renovation of the Binney & Smith Crayola factory into an interactive museum experience. Working with Crayola’s in-house team of brand managers and marketing staff, Entech technical and creative designers and engineers designed the "Crayola Wax Works", comprised of over 22 interpretive displays, interact



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