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  • Steven Lansrud
    Steven Lansrud, Professional Engineer

    All of us at Entech Creative are proud to share the news that our Steven Lansrud recently earned the right to put a Florida P.E. (Professional Engineer) designation after his name!  Steve passed the exam in Mechanical Engineering while working full time, not an easy feat when the pass rate for first time examinees is less than 70%. To earn the P.E. designation an engineer must have an engineer

  • Roger Feature Image
    Firing Up Robotics

    Roger Johnson develops and leads the robotics team at Osceola High School.  He has taken them to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics competitions each year since 2003, and they have done great!  In 2012 the “Moose” came in second in the Orlando Regional FIRST Robotics Competition to the team that won the national championship. Not surprisingly, John

  • Untitled-1
    Active Cathodic Protection and Water Parks

    Why does steel corrode, particularly at water parks? An Entech senior engineer reviews why steel corrodes and the scientific principle behind Active Cathodic Protection.  Active Cathodic Protection is a method of protecting a structural or otherwise valuable piece of base metal, usually iron/steel, from corrosion using an impressed current. While effective, the method does have limitations.

  • Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 10.38.57 PM
    On Galvanic Corrosion

    The prevention of galvanic corrosion is always a priority when an aluminum structure is installed in or near water. While aluminum is highly resistant to destructive oxidation in air, water, seawater, or acid, galvanic corrosion can occur when it is in electrical contact with other metals. An Entech Senior Engineer explains the conditions under which corrosion will occur and what mea



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