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Posted Jun 3, 2010 @ 1:43pm

SeaWorld’s Blue Horizons Unveiled

Behold, the unveiling of SeaWorld San Diego’s beautiful Blue Horizons set, engineered and built by Entech Creative under the direction of the Sea World San Diego team, including the nationally acclaimed set designers Stanley Meyer, Darlene Walter and Scott Helmstedter. The Entech Creative team is proud to have engineered and built this masterpiece, including the stage show set pieces, the wave forms, the lift system and the bridges.

Blue Horizons is a spectacular, innovative show that unites sea and sky as it showcases majestic animals and spirited performers. The show features energetic bottlenose dolphins, magnificent pilot whales, a colorful array of exotic birds and amazing acrobatic performers. It is set in SeaWorld San Diego’s completely renovated Dolphin Stadium.

Marina and DoorThe Entech team developed a number of innovative techniques in constructing the set work, which has significant performance demands placed upon it, including the special needs of a marine environment. Most notable is the fabrication of the set’s translucent wave forms. Using a translucent FRP material, Entech developed a special stiffening system for the panels that permitted them to be fabricated much more quickly and efficiently employing the use of CNC water jet pattern cutting.

“Only SeaWorld could create such a spectacular concept, a type of show that can be seen nowhere else in the world,” said Meyer, who was responsible for the design of the Blue Horizons set. “It sets a completely new benchmark for awe-inspiring entertainment.” Meyer, best known for his work designing the Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast, also created the set for SeaWorld Orlando’s Blue Horizons, which has been a hit with audiences there since 2005.

Using elements of the sea and sky — and a young girl’s vivid imagination — as his SeaWorld-1-150x150inspiration, Meyer designed a whimsical, yet dramatic, atmosphere with an immense rising sun, hundreds of iridescent bubbles, and an elaborate, 40-foot-high framework which envelopes the pool and balances divers and aerialists as they plunge from bungees and soar on “cloud swings.” While these characters sway through the sky and dive off the set, the true stars of the show grace the waters below.

Entech is honored to have been a valuable part of the dream team in bringing this imaginative show to life, so that people can enjoy it every day.


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