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Entech can build anything. An opportunity to do something different came with the development of our relationship with SeaSpace, specialists in satellite systems. To work on parabolic reflectors may have been a change of pace, but nothing we could not handle.

A parabolic reflector must be fabricated to precise specifications. The high precision molds we made were laser measured to less than .001 inch of variance. The reflectors, made of epoxy resin carbon fiber composite were vacuum bagged for matrix consolidation to maximize the strength and weight of the finished components.

Matrix consolidation is a process whereby volatiles produced during processing are managed to prevent them accumulating in pockets and creating voids in the material. This step is critical in the production of high precision composite material components.

Reflectors must be extremely precise to properly integrate with sophisticated stations. These parabolic reflectors are programmed to communicate on a specific Ka + X band frequency combination with geosynchronous satellites.


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