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Experiential Activation Marketing

You are under pressure to deliver the new activation and it must have the “WOW!” factor. It has to be on-message certainly, but additionally, uniquely creative and engaging. Oh, and of course it must also be on time, within budget and reliable!

Entech Innovative can provide solutions to your needs. We have lengthy, and diverse, experience in successfully building and delivering the WOW! factor to premium brand engagement venues and content. Our commitment to innovation, and a collaborative effort with you, will result in the activation you envision.

Inspired by the creative brief, we utilize our expertise in engineering, materials, and fabrication methods to create unique and splendid immersive experiences for you and your clients. We are not simply a vendor, we are a partner/collaborator with extensive experience meeting unusual, and one-of-a-kind, needs.

As a result of our extensive experience collaborating with theme parks and science centers, we have acquired a flair for fun and excitement. Our reliable methods maximize customer engagement with immersive experiences that contain story lines throughout the activations.

The scope of our work engages many avenues such as VR (virtual reality), gaming, full-body immersive venues, show venues, special structures and vehicles. We are constantly challenged to apply our ingenuity to develop more! Committed to our clients’ success, we deliver their vision.

Featured Projects

more Experiential Marketing Projects
  • The Ford Cowboys Stadium Mezzanine

    Ford Motor Company wanted a permanent branded environment in the iconic Cowboys Stadium mezzanine. To realize Ford’s vision Xperience Communications of Detroit, MI partnered with Entech Innovative to design and build the Cowboys Stadium Ford End Zone Mezzanine. As the technical design and fabrication partner for the group, Entech engineered and fabricated the activation content for the Cowboy

  • Ford Motorcraft Experience

    Entech Innovative developed, designed, programmed, and fabricated an engaging simulator experience to highlight the Ford Motorcraft brand at promotional events. Working with Xperience Communications, the Ford Motorcraft racing simulation game has become an event favorite. The game is housed in a fully self contained trailer that includes a generator and outside multimedia brand displays. Inside

  • Mobile Display – Ford Scissor Lift

    Xperience Communications wanted a custom mobile display for Ford’s new vehicles. The Entech engineering team reviewed the original project concept and realized a different design would maximize functionality and reliability and still keep the project within budget. The scissor lift easily transports Ford cars to, and showcases them at, events throughout the country. The lift raises, lowers an

  • Ford Tower

    For mobile activations the “Ford Tower of Power,” is truly impressive. Entech engineers worked with Xperience Communications for Ford Motor Vehicles on this customized project. The task: to create a display that would definitely set Ford apart; the tower is themed as an oil rig and rises 60 feet above the brand activation. The structure displays and rotates a brand-new, fully-loaded 7,000 p

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Theme & Amusement Parks

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Theme & Amusement Parks

We are committed to delivering high quality, blended art-engineering solutions to your branded guest engagements. With two decades of experience skillfully combining the “nuts and bolts” with innovative creativity, we create memorable, engaging, and safe experiences and venues for your guests.

We apply our founding principles of sound engineering design and extensive scenic knowledge, combined with cost effective problem solving, to everything we build, whether large iconic structures or branded environments or ride and show systems.

Versatile, inventive, and innovative are the qualities we add to your vision. A blend of science and art, Entech Innovative integrates a broad range of structure, machinery and systems with artistic intent to deliver magnificent results.

Featured Projects

more Theme & Amusement Parks Projects
  • The Simpsons Ride

    The Simpsons Ride is a motion simulator attraction based on the popular animated television series “The Simpsons.”  Opened in 2008, the Simpsons attraction was the result of Entech’s collaboration with Universal Studios in the re-purposing of the popular “Back to the Future” ride. Entech Innovative was hired to design, engineer & fabricate several components within the adapted mo

  • Art of Animation – Crush Icon

    The Art of Animation Resort features beloved characters and stories that invite guests to enter the magical animated world of their favorite films. Crush, from the Disney-Pixar film Finding Nemo, is the focal point in the main pool courtyard, a larger-than-life icon that adorns the Art of Animation Resort. Standing an imposing 35’ x 42’, Crush is made of composite construction on a steel an

  • Art of Animation – Mr. Ray Icon

    The Art of Animation Resort opened in May of 2012. Based upon the concept of providing guests with the opportunity to come face-to-face with the larger-than-life smiling characters from their favorite Disney/Pixar film, the resort features a giant statue of Mr. Ray in the Finding Nemo courtyard. Standing 25’ x 22’, Mr. Ray is constructed of composite, steel, and scenic paint. The large scal

  • Art of Animation – Elephant Bones Icon

    Simba's journey is celebrated in The Lion King area of the Art of Animation Resort. With landscape and theming that reflect both playful and poignant scenes from the Academy Award-winning Disney animated film The Lion King. Among the landscapes depicted from the movie, the elephant graveyard is both: a poignant scene and a playground. At 10’ x 25’ the imposing prehistoric elephant bones eme

  • Art of Animation – Light Poles

    Next time you visit the Art of Animation Resort check out the light poles. Throughout the resort there are 71 themed light poles. Each “wood” pole is wrapped in resin soaked fabric and then covered in a 2-part epoxy, hand imprinted with the wood texture and scenic painted. We knew we had the theming right the day we spotted a carpenter bee attempting to bore into the last pole we were finishin

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Builders, Architects & Designers

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Builders, Architects & Designers

Have you ever looked at a set of plans and wondered, “Who builds that stuff?!?” Well, the answer is, “We do!” Is it iconic? Is it unusual? Is it custom? Does it need to be engineered? Does it need bonding? We can do it!

From custom furniture, special wall coverings, unique light fixtures to large-scale iconic elements, we have fabricated extremely varied architectural renditions for our clientele. We take the project from a pretty picture to installation, with our broad talent in engineering and fabrication.

With a 20 year track record of delivering the beautiful, the arresting, the marvelous, we are continually experimenting with new materials and fabrication methods and innovative techniques to get the job done. We focus on adding value you can demonstrate to your clients.

Featured Projects

more builders, architects & designers Projects
  • Engineered Customized Portable Structures

    This engineered customized portable structure was designed and fabricated to meet many needs. The engineered portable structure had to look like a white stucco house in the Greek Islands, it had to have the structural integrity portability requires, and the electrical systems a commercial kitchen requires. Entech Innovative was up for the challenge and ultimately reengineered the project to save

  • Parabolic Reflectors

    Entech can build anything. An opportunity to do something different came with the development of our relationship with SeaSpace, specialists in satellite systems. To work on parabolic reflectors may have been a change of pace, but nothing we could not handle. A parabolic reflector must be fabricated to precise specifications. The high precision molds we made were laser measured to less than .00

  • Grand Cypress Pool Expansion

    The expansion of the Grand Cypress pool area was distinguished by the ability of the team at Entech Innovative to install FAST. Entech Innovative had been selected by Hensel Phelps for the job because during the bidding process, Entech's proposal offered the shortest time frame for fabrication and installation. Since the renovations were taking place in an existing hotel while guests would be

  • Art of Animation – Retail Jars

    The Ink & Paint Shop, a themed merchandise store at the Art of Animation resort, showcases our display cases: the retail jars. In a rainbow of custom colors selected by Disney Imagineers, the 37 large jar shelving units line the store with 168 smaller jars piled on top. Constructed of composite and automotive paint, the jars were custom made to fit the room perfectly. The jars offer a truly in

  • Art of Animation – Metal Flats

    672 aluminum and stainless steel flats were cut individually, scenic hand painted and installed to decorate the three buildings in The Little Mermaid area of the Art of Animation Resort. The shapes ranged from bubbles, to waves, to eels, to seahorses, to angel fish, to dolphins 22’ long. The variety and placement of the flats makes the area and each building unique. For the installation of th

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Science & Children's Museums

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Science Centers & Children's Museums

When planning new interactive exhibits, what qualities do you look for in a provider? Do you want one with a track record of delivering engaging and durable exhibits on time? Do you want one capable of understanding the science of design engineering? One who understands the properties of materials and varied methods of fabrication? Do you want an innovative company that is constantly devising creative solutions to production challenges as they create your vision? At Entech Innovative, we have been doing all of the above for more than twenty years!

At Entech Innovative, we partner with Science Centers and Children’s Museums to collaboratively produce sound, educational, interactive exhibits that meet budgetary goals. “Fun-driven education” describes one of our most celebrated offerings, the SKYCYCLE® High Wire Bicycle originally engineered by founder John Marhoefer. We continue to be energized by challenges. We excel at projects which require sound technical design and engineering and/or are large scale and/or are intricately complex.

more Science & Children's Museums Projects
  • City of Wonders Traveling Exhibit

    Entech Innovative was commissioned by COSI to build City of Wonders, an interactive traveling exhibit that highlights the advantages of living in a city in Florida. Designed for young and old alike to enjoy, this low-cost, modular attraction features traditional Florida architecture and its history, allowing visitors to explore the various aspects of city life in the beautiful Sunshine State. A

  • Bernoulli’s Bench

    In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli's principle states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs at the same time as a decrease in fluid pressure. When applied to various types of fluid flow, it results in what is known as Bernoulli's equation. When the Witte Museum wanted an interactive exhibit that would help visitors grasp Bernoulli’s principle, they came to Entech Innovative. At Entech’s

  • Liberty Science Center Hurricane Effect

    Nothing like the real thing! So when the Liberty Science Center wanted to show how real world building systems protect tall buildings from the effects of wind, they asked us to build a wind tunnel that would simulate winds of over 100 mph.  See it in action! The Curtain Wall Test The Liberty Science Center wind tunnel demonstrates the effectiveness of skyscraper glazing systems, or curtain wal

  • Heart Pump

    Heart Pump, designed and engineered by Entech, combines discovery and excitement into a “heart-pumping” race while teaching how the heart muscle effectively and efficiently pumps blood. In this interactive exhibit, the guest presses one of three buttons to choose the duration of the interactive experience (one, two, or three minutes). After pressing one of the cycle time buttons, guests start

  • Hope Diamond

    Entech, together with the world famous Diebold Corporation, provided the Smithsonian Institution with the design, engineering and fabrication of the vitrine chest and mechanical security mechanism that permits the public maximum access to the Hope Diamond. The high-tech mechanism displays and protects the Hope Diamond, one of America’s national treasures, within the security chest that houses

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