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Posted Apr 3, 2013 @ 6:19pm

Is This Real? “Bee”-lieve it! – Engineering

Who sayCars 441s, “You can’t fool Mother Nature”? The creative engineering team at Entech may be putting that old adage to the test with the artistic treatment we added to the light poles for a new resort in Orlando, Florida. The resort is designed to put the guest inside their favorite animated stories for an experience that comes alive around them.

Originally, the customer wanted the poles to be clad in fiberglass. However, the engineering and production experts at Entech Creative knew that the cladding process would result in seams, artistically a less than perfect solution. Also, to cover the seams would require labor and increase costs for the client. Therefore, the Cars 439project team came up with an alternative method. A fabric soaked in resin was wrapped around the aluminum light poles and then, a 2-part epoxy putty was applied and artistically rendered to make the poles appear to be “real” wood. Not only did this process make the poles seamless, improving the aesthetics of the poles, the entire process saved the client 40%. Happily the customer approved the alternative. But, we knew we had it right the day, Entech team member, Arden spotted a carpenter bee attempting to bore into the pole she was finishing in the shop. Now that’s an endorsement!


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