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The expansion of the Grand Cypress pool area was distinguished by the ability of the team at Entech Innovative to install FAST. Entech Innovative had been selected by Hensel Phelps for the job because during the bidding process, Entech’s proposal offered the shortest time frame for fabrication and installation. Since the renovations were taking place in an existing hotel while guests would be staying there and using the pool, time was of the essence.

The team at Entech teamed with ProSlide to design and build an exceptional water slide experience. A guest climes the stairs to the gazebo on top of a mountain of rocks with a beautiful 360 view and then enters the long twisting water slide to land in the pool below.

The collaborative effort resulted in the completion of the job faster than any competitor could have, with a minimum of inconvenience to guests, and a wonderful addition to the pool area.

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