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Posted Sep 15, 2009 @ 12:58pm

Entech Creative Master Carpenter, Billy Rae

Billy Rae is Entech Creative’s master carpenter. Billy Rae is relatively new to Entech Creative, has undoubtedly made a significant impact with his contribution. Having worked in interior boating for 20+ years and assisted over 450+ companies, Billy is certainly a one-man carpentry force to be reckoned with.

Organization, organization, organization: That is the mantra Billy lives by. It’s common to see other employees asking Billy for advice in just this matter. From seeing his work on the Ford Tower to Morocco, it’s not hard to realize that his ideology has worked for him nicely. It’s a bit entertaining to watch Billy always return tools to the exact place they belong before moving along, but you have to admire that kind of meticulousness. “Everything has its place,” Billy says.

His favorite job just happened to be the Ford Tower construction. Now, at first glance, Billy may not seem to be the artsy type, but surprisingly enough, Billy thoroughly enjoyed working on the tower for just that reason. According to Billy, “The tower was not just another dull cookie-cutter project, it involved a level of artistry that I rarely get a chance to work on; because of that, the project had more meaning to me.”

Another of Billy’s favorite slogans is “Stay busy, and make sure you feel like you’ve accomplished something before you leave.” It’s hard not to admire someone that brings this attitude day in and day out. If you’re working with Entech, you’re lucky enough to be working with Billy as well. Bravo, Billy.


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