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Posted Aug 21, 2009 @ 8:07pm

Entech Creative Experiential Disruption for Sprite

Entech Creative experiential disruption for Sprite. Sometimes being square is a good thing. When CommonGround marketing needed to develop and execute two large-scale, squared or cube-shaped disruptive experiential environments for a series of new product brand activations in New York and Chicago, they turned to Entech Creative to design and fabricate each cube, a 24’x24’x15’ high custom-made structure that can be easily assembled, stored, or shipped for eye-catching duty at the next promotional event.

For this process, Entech first developed a series of mood boards for the event, playing off of the demographic and target research for the new product launch. The mood boards led to further research of the conceptualization for the interior and exterior of the disruptive environment. Some initial structural designs included roofs pitched at odd angles and vibrant colors. Discussions and further development, however, led to the simple cube structure as the most striking and disruptive.

photo1-150x150While our engineering team got to work calculating wind loads, assembly time, and packing requirements, our in-house team of designers set about constructing a space that would incorporate all the elements that the customer wanted to include: plasma TV’s, a DJ booth, a sampling station, lounge chairs, and more. With a fully tricked-out interior designed, sourced, and priced to budget, the big blow to the project came when the budget was suddenly and significantly cut.

Fortunately, the Entech team is very knowledgeable when it comes to scalability and value engineering. Within a few days, the entire campaign was redesigned to fit within the new budget, retaining its most important key elements; namely the striking shape and size and clean interior elements.

We’re proud of all of our projects, and pleased to present Sprite’s brand activation cube as an example of creative thinking, time sensitivity, value engineering, and ultimately delivering an experience mechanism to help achieve our customer’s goals.


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