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Posted Jul 16, 2009 @ 7:57pm

Entech and Kokoro – Friends and Partners

The exclusive partnership between Entech Creative and Kokoro of Japan is blossoming. While the details of the partnership are still under wraps (you’d better believe that this marketing guy will post them as soon as they’re available), we do know that the deal is structured towards Entech Creative taking on North American marketing, sales, and distribution of the Kokoro line of advanced robotics, also known as actroids.

At this point, two primary means of distribution are being considered: development and construction of new and customized robotic characters and actroids, and rental of existing creations. With a large library of existing characters and animals readily available, Entech will be offering rental and leasing options for short-term delivery as well, with the ability to plan and build highly-developed, photo-realistic, multi-lingual actroids capable of complex motions and emotive expressions at a price point that is extremely competitive. Entech will also be aggressively marketing these specially-built applications to a broad range of current and new customers.

Kokoro is very well-known for its life-like human robots. The precision and hand craftsmanship of each of their robot projects is astounding, and has been featured in a number of U.S. publications, including Wired.com.

Future product launches for the Kokoro line are planned in the theme and amusement park industries (at the IAAPA show), museum industry (at ASTC and AAM), experiential marketing (through Entech’s marketing and advertising channels), and other direct sales and marketing routes.


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