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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Crayola, Entech Creative was retained to design the renovation of the Binney & Smith Crayola factory into an interactive museum experience. Working with Crayola’s in-house team of brand managers and marketing staff, Entech technical and creative designers and engineers designed the “Crayola Wax Works”, comprised of over 22 interpretive displays, interactive kiosks, historic timelines and hands-on attractions to tell the story of Crayola.

t737  477352  14005   0000017900820082003201430000At the Crayola Wax Works, guests of all ages are invited to draw on the walls, create clay sculptures and design their own crayon wrappers and crayons.  The interactive exhibits at the “Crayola Wax Works” entertain young and old alike as they engage in hands-on play and creativity.

One interactive attraction introduces visitors to a fun way of painting pictures with melted crayons from the Crayola factory. Housed in eight oversized crayon-shaped kiosks, visitors are invited to dip long cotton swabs into any or all of 16 different melted crayon colors and drip them on to cardboard cutouts. Once dripped, the melted crayon wax hardens into a colorful design.

Many of the Crayola exhibits engineered by Entech are low-tech, requiring minimal maintenance while still delivering an impactful brand experience.


  • Interactive Exhibits

  • Promotional Content

  • Themed Environments

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